Equipment for transportation and processing of oil and gas

Presently “ITS Energy Services Ukraine” Ltd. provides a variety of equipment and services as:

Compressor (mainly based on Ariel Corp., USA compressors) & Pump Stations Packaging, Installation, Start up and Operation;
Oilfield equipment and Spares supply;
Different Compressors & Pumps Maintenance & Repair/Spares supply;
Mobile Air (СД-16/230) & Nitrogen (ПАКС-250) Compressor Stations supply.


Different Equipment for Oil & Gas & Petrochemical Industry like::

Oil/Gas Preparation Modules;
Oil/Gas Separation Modules;
Oil/Gas Heating Modules;
Gas Cooling Modules;
Gas Metering Modules.


Separators for different application:

LP Separators;
HP Separators;
3-Phase Separators;
Flare Separators;
Inlet Scrubbers;
Gas Cleaning Units;
Filters/Filter–Elements for Gas/Air.


Vessels for different application:

Storage (water, waste water, diesel, oil, any chemical reagents, etc.);
Any other application, above ground/underground, pressurized or not, V = 1 m3 – 55 m3, any materials and any instruments available.
Receivers for different applications/products;
Apparatuses for different application/pressure/temperature/working medium;
Heat Exchangers for different applications/products.


  Fuel Gas Treatment Unit УПТГ-3000